My recent visit to the Freedom Tree, in Missouri City, provided a visual reminder of the work that our ancestors initiated to ensure equal justice for all Americans.  Like those that came before us, our generation and generations to come must continue the fight for equal rights, fair wages, access to quality health care, a first-class education, and equality in the criminal justice system.

However, as we continue the struggle for progress in America’s most fundamental institutions, we must also remain vigilant and guard against the regressive forces which attempt to roll back many of the advancements that our ancestors fought so hard for.  In recent months, residents in House District 27 have seen new legislation at the state and federal levels which attempts to impede voting rights, challenge the humanity of our nation’s immigrant populations and reinforce environmental segregation.  As an advocate who has fought tirelessly for the human rights of others both in and out of the courtroom, I have confronted these challenges and appreciate the need for a fearless and uncompromised leader.

It is no longer enough to acknowledge today’s inequalities it is time for us to intentionally act and demand equality!

I want to take our fight from the courtroom to Austin and that’s why I have chosen to run for Texas State Representative for House District 27 of Fort Bend County, Texas.

I ask you to join me as I take our fight for justice and equality to Austin!

-Wilvin J. Carter-