• Create legislation to seek funding to increase Educators’ salaries and to attract more bright and talented Educators.
  • Create legislation to increase funding to help develop more programs and resources for kids with disabilities such as Autism.
  • Create legislation to fund and bring back technical skilled programs to our public schools.
  • Fight to improve and keep TRS/ERS from being replaced by a 401k program.
  • Adamantly oppose the A-F School rating system and seek to repeal HB 22.



  • Fight to receive more federal funding to help families utilizing ACA.
  • Expand Medicaid for hardworking families in HD 27 and throughout Texas.
  • Fight to create legislation mandating Managed Care Organizations (MCO) integration as part of Texas Medicaid, as well as, seeking funding to develop innovative ways to servicing Medicaid recipients to help push down costs…this helps to lower costs.


 Criminal Justice Reform

  • Reform the Bail System.
  • Author a bill seeking to pass legislation for a progressive pretrial diversion program for non-violent and low-level offenses throughout Texas…helps to stop the school to prison pipeline epidemic.
  • Create legislation that develops progressive and alternative means of prosecuting Veterans, individuals with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems.
  • Author a bill seeking to move towards decriminalizing marijuana.


Economic Development

  • Immediately meet with City Council members in HD 27 to discuss and create a plan to effectively utilize Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones to revitalize our business areas and attract businesses.
  • Use my relationships within the Tech Community to seek and attract Tech Businesses to HD 27.
  • I have been in contact with representatives with the Texas Workforce Commission and I will diligently work to develop a training center in HD 27 that will educate, train, and help employ our citizens in the workforce.


Women’s Issues

  • Author and seek to pass legislation that will mandate equal pay for equal work for women in the workplace and apply fines and penalties to employers that discriminate against women’s salaries.
  • Seek to pass legislation to create a full time pre-K program to help provide single moms and low-income families with childcare assistance.
  • Work with women and women’s groups to ensure equality for women and their issues.



  • Author and create legislation that will protect our immigrant families and kids that were brought here in pursuit of creating better lives for themselves.
  • Aggressively fight to protect DACA.


Environmental Awareness


  • Aggressively fight to pass a comprehensive environmental bill that will prohibit companies from targeting low-income areas as their landing spots for businesses and practices that will harm the environment and the surrounding communities.
  • Author and pass legislation that will severely punish companies that intentionally and negligently allow their businesses to cause harm to our environment and communities in which they operate.
  • Author and pass legislation that will help strengthen our infrastructures that protect against natural disasters and accidents that can threaten the safety of our communities.